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以下文字摘译自: 6parker.com

【彭博】波音的坠机事件让FAA变成孤家寡人,全世界都跟着中国跑…… 6parker.com


米帝这一下,除了吐酸水,不知道该说什么好了!? 6parker.com

过去,航空安全、适航条例,都是美国联邦航空局(FAA)说了算!现在一个埃塞俄比亚航空的737 MAX 8客机的坠毁事故,米帝几乎所有的长期盟友,包括英国和澳大利亚、加拿大、新西兰、阿联酋,…,都怠慢FAA的权威,对FAA所说的“波音737 Max 8适航”置之不理,站在种花家一边。种花家在3月11日的迅速判决中认为该飞机可能不安全,于是他们都紧跟着做了停飞737 MAX 8的命令。 6parker.com

兰德公司华盛顿高级工程师查德?欧兰特(Chad Ohlandt)说:“FAA的可信度正在受到考验,中国人希望他们的监管机构被视为黄金标准。” 6parker.com

可以肯定的是,中国的航空监管机构确实更保守一些。在2018年之前,他们一直禁止在飞机上使用手机,而发达国家的监管机构早几年就对在航行中使用手机开绿灯。 6parker.com

中国正在获得影响力。作为一个航空旅行市场,种花家有望在2022年左右超过美国成为世界上最大的航空旅行市场。它还通过其全国冠军(national champion):中国商用飞机有限公司(简称 comac)来寻求一定程度的自给自足。 6parker.com

作为一个监管机构,最近发生的事件表明,使该国能够确定飞机何时可以安全飞行。 6parker.com

作为监管机构,最近的事件表明,中国正在努力获得美国联邦航空局和欧盟航空安全局所享有的权威和权力,这让中国对其确定飞机何时安全飞行的能力在全球范围内获得认可。 6parker.com

原文如下: 6parker.com

Boeing Disaster Isolates FAA With China Leading Push Against 737 Max 6parker.com

The second fatal crash of a Boeing Co. 737 Max aircraft in less than five months is creating a new hierarchy in aviation safety. Thrusting to the top: China. 6parker.com

Three days after an Ethiopian Airlines jet crashed, killing all 157 people on board, country after country ignored assessments by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration that the plane is safe to fly. Canada agreed it was too early to act but many fell into line in growing numbers behind the first major nation to ground its 737 Max fleet -- China. 6parker.com

In doing so, long-time American allies including the U.K. and Australia broke convention by snubbing an authority that has defined what’s airworthy -- and what’s not -- for decades. New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam on Wednesday became the latest countries to block the 737 Max, helping legitimize China’s early verdict on March 11 that the plane could be unsafe. 6parker.com

"The FAA’s credibility is being tested," said Chad Ohlandt, a Rand Corp. senior engineer in Washington. "The Chinese want their regulatory agency to be considered a similar gold standard.” 6parker.com

One day after the Ethiopian Airlines flight plunged to the ground, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) drew a possible connection between the crash and Lion Air’s in October. A preliminary report into the earlier disaster, which killed 189 passengers and crew, indicated pilots struggled to maintain control following an equipment malfunction. Both flights, on almost brand new planes, ended minutes after takeoff. 6parker.com

Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde GebreMariam told CNN that the latest crash and the Lion Air tragedy had substantial similarities. Separately, the Wall Street Journal reported that Ethiopia wanted to send the flight-data and cockpit-voice recorders to the U.K., causing U.S. investigators to hold intense behind-the-scenes talks to bring the parts to America. 6parker.com

Meanwhile, the CAAC asked domestic airlines to ground their 737 Max 8 fleets. "There needs to be reason for us to change that decision," said CAAC’s deputy head Li Jian. Domestic carriers including China Southern Airlines Co. and Air China Ltd. account for about 20 percent of 737 Max deliveries worldwide through January, according to Boeing’s website. 6parker.com

To be sure, Chinese aviation regulators do tend to be conservative. They banned the use of cellphones on aircraft until 2018, years after regulators in developed countries gave them the green light. 6parker.com

But China is gaining influence. As an air travel market, it’s on track to surpass the U.S. as the world’s biggest around 2022. It’s also seeking some degree of self-sufficiency through its national champion: Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China Ltd., which is known as Comac. 6parker.com

As a regulator, recent events indicate China is on its way to attaining the level of authority enjoyed by the FAA and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, giving the country global recognition for its ability to determine when an aircraft is safe to fly. 6parker.com

In a deal signed between CAAC and FAA in 2017, aviation regulators from China and U.S. agreed to recognize each other’s airworthiness standards, paving the way for Chinese-made aircraft to win FAA certifications to sell in the global market. A similar deal is also being finalized with their European counterpart. 6parker.com

China’s first homemade commercial aircraft C919, which state-owned Comac has developed to break the duopoly held by Airbus SE’s A320 and Boeing’s 737 in the narrow-body market, is trying to get airworthiness certification from both CAAC and EASA. 6parker.com

(Updates with reference to black box report in sixth paragraph.) 6parker.com

--With assistance from Mengchen Lu, Qingqi She and Bruce Einhorn. 6parker.com

To contact Bloomberg News staff for this story: 6parker.com

Dong Lyu in Beijing at dlyu3@bloomberg.net 6parker.com

To contact the editors responsible for this story: 6parker.com

Young-Sam Cho at ycho2@bloomberg.net 6parker.com

Angus Whitley, Lena Lee
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