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苹果发布iPhone 12系列智能手机
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苹果周二发布了四种型号的iPhone 12智能手机,正式进入5G市场,并有助于让5G网络变得更加主流。

Apple introduced a redesigned line-up of iPhones enabled for 5G network speeds on Tuesday, promising to usher in a “new era” for its flagship product. 6park.com

苹果(Apple)周二发布了经过重新设计、可使用5G网络的iPhone系列,承诺为其旗舰产品开启一个“新时代”。 6park.com

The four new 5G smartphones are intended to give customers a range of options as the $2tn company heads into a holiday quarter when it is expected to sell upwards of 80m phones. 6park.com

新发布的四款5G智能手机意在为用户提供一系列选择,这家市值2万亿美元的公司正要步入一个假日季,预计将销售超过8000万部手机。 6park.com

“Every decade, there’s a new generation of technology that provides a step change in what we can do with our iPhones,” Tim Cook, chief executive, said. “The next generation is here.” 6park.com

该公司首席执行官蒂姆•库克(Tim Cook)表示:“每隔十年,都会有新一代技术为我们的iPhone带来重大变化。现在下一代来了。” 6park.com

The flagship iPhone 12 with a 6.1-inch display starts at $829, or $130 higher than the starting price for iPhone 11 — a move likely to please investors keen on seeing a higher average selling price. It also unveiled an iPhone 12 “mini”, a 5.4-inch model starting at $699. 6park.com

搭配6.1英寸显示屏的旗舰版iPhone 12起价为829美元,比iPhone 11的起价高130美元——此举可能会取悦渴望看到更高平均售价的投资者。苹果还发布了一款5.4英寸的iPhone 12 mini,起步价为699美元。 6park.com

The new iPhone line-up is rounded out with two Pro models, one with a 6.1-inch display and a Pro Max model at 6.7 inches — the largest display yet for an iPhone. 6park.com

新iPhone系列有两种Pro型号,一种是6.1英寸显示屏,另一种是6.7英寸显示屏的Pro Max型号——这是iPhone迄今为止最大的显示屏。 6park.com

All four models have a new hardware design with flattened edges, the first such change to the phone’s design since the iPhone X in 2017. They are also the first handsets to use chips produced using the cutting-edge 5 nanometre manufacturing process.  6park.com

四种型号在硬件上都有一个新设计,边缘变平,这是自2017年iPhone X上市以来首次对手机设计进行这样的改变。它们也是第一批采用以5纳米先进制程生产的芯片的手机。 6park.com

However, Apple stock, which rallied 6 per cent on Monday, fell 2.7 per cent on Tuesday, suggesting investors were disappointed that the company did not introduce long-rumoured accessories including over-the-ear “Studio AirPods” and lost-items tracking tags. 6park.com

然而,苹果股价在周一上涨6%后,周二下跌2.7%,表明投资者对苹果没有推出传闻已久的配件——包括头戴式“Studio AirPods”耳机和失物追踪标签——感到失望。 6park.com

The only main hardware product it revealed beyond the iPhone was the HomePod Mini, a smaller, oval-shaped home speaker equipped with Siri, which it will sell for $99. Apple has just 1 per cent market share among smart speakers, according to IDC, the market intelligence group. 6park.com

除了iPhone之外,苹果此次发布的主要硬件产品只有HomePod mini,这是一款较小的椭圆形家用音箱,配有Siri,售价99美元。根据市场情报集团国际数据公司(IDC)的数据,苹果在智能音箱市场上仅占1%的份额。 6park.com

Analysts expect the 5G phones to spark a massive upgrade cycle, as customers typically own their devices for about four years. Although 5G infrastructure is not yet widely available in many regions, the phones select 4G whenever it is not available or, to save battery power, when the speeds are not necessary. 6park.com

分析师预计,5G手机将引发一轮大规模升级周期,因为消费者通常4年左右会更换设备。尽管5G基础设施在许多地区还没有广泛建成,但当没有5G信号时,或者速度不需要太快时,为了省电,手机会选择4G网络。 6park.com

While Apple’s first 5G phones are coming more than a year after rivals Samsung and Huawei, it could help make the network more mainstream. 6park.com

虽然苹果的第一代5G手机比竞争对手三星(Samsung)和华为(Huawei)晚了一年多,但它可能有助于让5G网络变得更加主流。 6park.com

To coincide with the launch of the phones, Hans Vestberg, Verizon chief executive, announced the company would initiate its 5G network on Tuesday, following rivals T-Mobile last December and AT&T in the summer. “5G just got real,” he said. 6park.com

在新iPhone发布的同时,威瑞森(Verizon)首席执行官卫翰思(Hans Vestberg)周二宣布该公司将启用5G网络——其竞争对手T-Mobile和AT&T分别在去年12月和今年夏天宣布启用5G网络。卫翰思说:“5G正成为现实。” 6park.com

More than 100 mobile operators across more than 35 markets would carry the 5G devices when the first new iPhones were released later this month, Apple said. 6park.com


However, the iPhone 12 Mini and the most expensive Pro Max model would not go on sale until the middle of November, after the coronavirus pandemic hit production earlier this year.  6park.com

不过,iPhone 12 mini和最贵的Pro Max型号要到11月中旬才能上市。今年早些时候,新冠大流行影响了生产。 6park.com

“The introduction of 5G technology to the iPhone range gives people a meaningful reason to upgrade and makes buying an iPhone this time around a future-proof purchase,” said Ben Wood, analyst at CCS Insight.  6park.com

CCS Insight的分析师本•伍德(Ben Wood)表示:“iPhone系列引入5G技术给了人们一个切实的升级理由,使得这次购买iPhone成为一次经得起未来考验的购买。” 6park.com

Apple now has a wide range of phones for the holiday season, from the cheaper iPhone SE released earlier this year, to the $1,399 Pro 12 Max with 512GB of storage. 6park.com

苹果现在有多种型号的手机供应假日季,从今年早些时候发布的较便宜的iPhone SE,到售价1399美元、存储容量为512GB的Pro 12 Max。 6park.com

“Apple has a very clean portfolio of devices that offer a ‘good, better, best’ choice for consumers,” Mr Wood said. “It’s not so straightforward with rival products, where there are vast line-ups with lots of tiny differences and a variety of designs and features.” 6park.com


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