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Health and technology groups are working together to create a digital vaccination passport in the expectation that governments, airlines and other businesses will require proof people have been vaccinated against Covid-19. 6park.com

医疗和科技集团正在携手开发一种数字“疫苗接种护照”。各方预期政府、航空公司和其他企业将会要求人们提供已接种新型冠状病毒肺炎(COVID-19,即2019冠状病毒病)疫苗的证明。 6park.com

The Vaccination Credential Initiative, a coalition of organisations including Microsoft, Oracle and the US healthcare non-profit Mayo Clinic, aims to establish standards to verify whether a person has had their shot and prevent people falsely claiming to be protected against the disease. 6park.com

疫苗接种证书倡议(Vaccination Credential Initiative)是由微软(Microsoft)、甲骨文(Oracle)和美国非营利医疗机构——妙佑医疗国际(Mayo Clinic)等结成的联盟,宗旨是建立标准来证明一个人已接种疫苗,防止人们虚假声称自己已对这种疾病具有免疫力。

The coalition builds on work done by one of its members, The Commons Project, to develop an internationally accepted digital certificate to prove travellers have tested negative for Covid-19. The pass developed by the non-profit, established with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, is now being used by all three major airline alliances. 6park.com

该联盟建立在其成员之一The Commons Project所做工作的基础上。这个非营利组织已开发一种国际认可的、证明旅行者对COVID-19检测结果呈阴性的数字证书。该组织在洛克菲勒基金会(Rockefeller Foundation)的支持下建立,其开发的数字证书已被全球三大航空公司联盟采用。 6park.com

Paul Meyer, chief executive of The Commons Project, said people vaccinated so far were often handed just a piece of paper, reminiscent of the “old yellow cards”. By working with health IT companies, such as Epic and Cerner in the US, the new system will be able to draw from electronic medical records to create a digital card. 6park.com

The Commons Project行政总裁保罗•迈耶(Paul Meyer)表示,迄今接种疫苗的人往往只得到一张纸,令人联想到“昔日的黄卡”。通过与一些医疗IT公司——如美国的Epic和Cerner——合作,新系统将能够从电子病历中提取信息,以创建一张数字卡。 6park.com

Mr Meyer said the coalition was in talks with several governments that expected their entry requirements to evolve over the next few months from mandating negative tests to a “hybrid”, accepting either tests or proof of vaccination. 6park.com

迈耶表示,该联盟正与数个政府商谈,这些政府预计,其入境要求将在未来几个月内从强制要求提供阴性检测结果演变为一种“混合”模式,即阴性检测结果或疫苗接种证明均可接受。 6park.com

“Individuals are going to need to have to produce vaccination records for a lot of aspects of getting back to life as normal,” he added. “We live in a globally connected world. We used to anyway — and we hope to again.” 6park.com


Each country can set its own rules such as, for example, which vaccines it will accept. The system will be charged with keeping the data secure and individuals will hold their record in a digital wallet, or on a paper QR code, so they can control who they share it with. 6park.com

每个国家可以设定自己的规则,例如它认可哪几种疫苗。系统将负责确保数据安全,个人将其记录保存于数字钱包或纸质二维码,这样他们可以自己控制与谁共享数据。 6park.com

Joan Harvey, president of care solutions at Evernorth, the health services arm of insurer Cigna, said she expected some businesses, like events organisers, may require proof of vaccination from their customers, while universities may want it from students, and employers from workers. 6park.com

保险公司信诺(Cigna)的医疗服务部门Evernorth的护理解决方案总裁琼•哈维(Joan Harvey)表示,她预计一些企业——例如大型活动主办方——可能会要求顾客出示疫苗接种证明,而高校对学生、雇主对员工也可能会有这样的要求。

“We insure thousands of companies around the world and obviously this is a very keen interest for them . . . not only how do they [return to] global travel and be able to do their jobs, but to do it in a certified way, where the consumer owns the data,” she added. 6park.com

“我们为世界各地数以千计的公司提供保险,这显然是他们非常感兴趣的……不仅关乎他们怎样(恢复)全球旅行并能够完成工作,而且以一种认证的、由消费者拥有数据的方式这么做,”她补充说。 6park.com

As new variants of the virus spread across the world, The Commons Project says it has seen a substantial increase in interest. 6park.com

据The Commons Project介绍,随着新冠病毒的新变种在世界各地传播,各方对疫苗接种证明的兴趣大增。 6park.com

“Many countries have either shut their borders entirely or now put in place mandatory testing requirements for all international travel and that's all been in the last three weeks,” Mr Meyer said. 6park.com


In the UK, the government has said it will begin trialing its own health passport system, developed by biometrics company iProov and cyber security group Mvine. The scheme, first reported by the Telegraph, will allow thousands of people in two as yet unnamed local authorities to upload their vaccine information on to an app and help the NHS to track who has been inoculated. 6park.com

在英国,政府表示将开始试用由生物识别公司iProov和网络安全集团Mvine专门开发的健康护照系统。由《每日电讯报》(Daily Telegraph)最先报道的该项目,将在两个尚未公布的地方政府辖区让成千上万人将各自的疫苗接种信息上传至一款应用,帮助英国国家医疗服务体系(NHS)追踪哪些人已经接种。

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