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Boeing reported lower first-quarter revenue than a year ago, when it was in the midst of the 737 Max crisis, hurt by delays in 787 deliveries and a global pandemic that continues to depress airlines’ demand for planes. 6park.com

波音(Boeing)报告第一季度营收低于去年同期(当时该公司深陷737 Max危机),因受到787交付延误和全球新冠疫情的影响。疫情继续抑制航空公司对飞机的需求。 6park.com

Revenue fell 10 per cent to $15.2bn in the first quarter, and the company reported a net loss of $561m. Its loss shrank slightly from the $641m net loss it posted for the same period a year ago. 6park.com

第一季度营收下降10%,至152亿美元,该公司报告净亏损5.61亿美元。这一亏损与去年同期的6.41亿美元净亏损相比略有下降。 6park.com

“While the global pandemic continues to challenge the overall market environment, we view 2021 as a key inflection point for our industry as vaccine distribution accelerates, and we work together across government and industry to help enable a robust recovery,” chief executive David Calhoun said. 6park.com

“全球疫情继续挑战整个市场环境,随着疫苗分发加速进行,我们将2021年视为本行业的关键拐点,我们正与政府和行业伙伴通力合作,帮助实现强劲复苏,”首席执行官戴维•卡尔霍恩(David Calhoun)表示。 6park.com

The flow of cash out of the door has slowed. The company reported free cash outflow — operating cash minus capital expenditures — of $3.7bn for the quarter, compared with an outflow of $4.7bn a year ago. 6park.com


Boeing also reported a $318m charge related to its contract for the Air Force One programme, which builds jets for the US president. The company said earlier this month that it cancelled its contract with supplier GDC Technics, which installs aircraft interiors, after it failed “to meet contractual obligations”. GDC Technics filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday. 6park.com

波音还报告一项与建造美国总统专机的“空军一号”(Air Force One)项目合同相关的3.18亿美元费用。该公司在4月早些时候表示,其取消了与负责安装飞机内饰的供应商GDC Technics的合同,因为后者“未能履行合同义务”。GDC Technics公司周一根据美国《破产法》第11章申请破产保护。 6park.com

Boeing resumed deliveries of its wide-body 787 planes last month after quality problems caused months of delays, which hurt first-quarter results. Boeing is dropping the production rate to five per month from six as demand for wide-bodies remains low. They are used most on long-haul international routes, which the aviation industry expects will see the slowest recovery in air traffic. 6park.com


Boeing continues to struggle from the nearly two-year grounding of its workhorse jet, the 737 Max, following a pair of crashes that killed a combined 346 people. On April 9 it said it had alerted customers to an electrical problem with the planes. The US Federal Aviation Administration later said that 106 planes were grounded while Boeing worked on a fix. 6park.com

在两次坠机事故致使总共346人遇难后,波音的主力飞机737 Max停飞近两年,波音仍在艰难应对这一局面。4月9日,波音披露其已向客户发出有关737 Max的一个电气问题的警示。美国联邦航空管理局(FAA)后来表示,已下令停飞106架飞机,等待波音公司拿出修复办法。 6park.com

“We are finalising the plans and documentation with the FAA to outline the process required for operators to return their airplanes to service,” Calhoun said in a memo to employees. “Upon approval by the FAA, we expect the work to take a few days per airplane.” 6park.com

“我们正在与FAA敲定计划和文件,以概述运营商让飞机恢复服务所需的过程,”卡尔霍恩在发给员工的一份备忘录中表示。“在获得FAA批准后,我们预计每架飞机需要几天时间修复。” 6park.com

While it was “marginally encouraging” that Boeing reported a net rise in orders in March for the second month in a row, the 29 aircraft deliveries last month were “lacklustre”, Cowen analyst Cai von Rumohr said in a note. 6park.com

投行考恩(Cowen)的分析师卡伊•冯鲁莫尔(Cai von Rumohr)在一份简报中表示,尽管波音在3月连续第二个月报告订单净增长“有点令人鼓舞”,但该月29架飞机的交付量是“低迷的”。 6park.com

The Chicago company reported a record $12bn net loss in 2020, and it is saddled with long-term debt of nearly $58bn. It turned to the debt markets a year ago for $25bn to ride out the pandemic as airlines deferred deliveries due to plummeting passenger numbers and revenue. 6park.com


Many, though not all, airline executives have predicted a recovery in aviation fuelled by pent-up demand for air travel. 6park.com

许多(尽管不是全部)航空公司高管预测,在之前被压抑的需求的推动下,航空旅行将出现一轮复苏。 6park.com

The company’s board said last week that Boeing would raise the retirement age for the chief executive from 65 to 70, allowing Calhoun, 64, to stay in his role. Chief financial officer Greg Smith, a three-decade veteran of Boeing who was seen as a potential contender for the top job, said he would retire in July. 6park.com

波音董事会上周表示,该公司将把首席执行官的退休年龄从65岁提高到70岁,这将让现年64岁的卡尔霍恩得以继续任职。首席财务官、在波音任职已有30年的格雷格•史密斯(Greg Smith)表示他将于7月退休;他曾被视为最高职位的潜在角逐者。

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