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面对突如其来的洪水 如何自救?
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Being caught in a flood is incredibly dangerous. Like many other natural disasters, floods can occur with little to no warning. Flash floods move quickly and have strong currents. They are known to rip trees out of the ground, destroy buildings and cause bridges to collapse. 6park.com

被困在洪水中是极其危险的。和许多其他自然灾害一样,洪灾会在毫无预警的情况下发生。洪水会在瞬间暴发,来势汹涌,可以把树连根拔起,摧毁建筑物,冲垮桥梁。 6park.com

Of course, drowning is a threat during a flood, not only because there is so much water and it’s moving quickly, but also because of what the water is carrying. Debris caught in the current can injure anyone in the floodwater, making it more difficult to swim or tread water. 6park.com

当然,洪灾期间有溺水危险,不仅是因为水很大而且水流很急,还因为水还会带来其他东西。水流中携带的碎片会导致困在洪水中的人受伤,还会让游泳或蹚水变得更加困难。 6park.com

Additionally, floods can cause power outages, communication disruptions, traffic jams and widespread destruction. And, the flood itself isn’t the only issue to contend with. The aftermath can be just as deadly, as it may not be possible to deliver essential supplies such as water and food to the area. 6park.com

此外,洪水还会导致断电、通信中断、交通拥堵和大面积的破坏。而且,你要对付的不光是洪水。洪水的余波同样致命,因为可能无法向灾区运送水和食物等必需品。 6park.com

If a flood warning has been issued, seek shelter immediately. Never attempt to walk, swim or drive through floodwaters. It only takes six inches of moving water to knock a person off their feet, and being knocked unconscious by a fall into moving water could be fatal. Additionally, as little as one foot of flood water can sweep cars away. 6park.com


一起来看看突发洪水逃生指南: 6park.com

1. Avoid bridges that cross rapidly-moving water, as floodwaters can cause bridges to collapse. 6park.com

避开架在湍急水流之上的桥梁,因为洪水可能会把桥冲垮。 6park.com

2. Listen to emergency broadcasts for further instructions. If told to evacuate, do so. 6park.com

收听应急广播里的指令。如果指令要求你撤离,就撤离。 6park.com

3. Stay inside a car trapped by fast-moving water. Only get out if the water begins to flood the car itself, then move to the roof of the vehicle. 6park.com

如果你的车被湍急的水流困住了,就待在车里。如果水开始涌进车里,就转移到车顶上。 6park.com

4. If trapped within a flooding building, move to the highest floor. Do not go into the attic, as it is possible to become trapped there without a way to escape. Only relocate to the roof if necessary. Once there, signal for help (such as drawing SOS on the roof). 6park.com

如果你被困在洪水泛滥的建筑物里,就上最高层。不要去阁楼,因为阁楼没有逃生通道,可能会被困在里面。如果有必要,就转移到屋顶。在屋顶上发信号求救,比如在屋顶上画SOS。 6park.com

5. Avoid power lines, as they are often damaged or knocked down during strong storms and flooding. A downed power line can cause surrounding water to become charged, leading to electrocution. 6park.com


洪水过后,你需要这样做: 6park.com

Do not drink flood water, or use it to wash dishes, brush teeth, or wash/prepare food. Drink clean, safe water. If you evacuated, return to your home only after local authorities have said it is safe to do so. Use only bottled, boiled, or treated water for drinking, cooking, bathing, etc. Avoid driving through flooded areas and standing water. As little as six inches of water can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. 6park.com


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