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【英国伦敦景点介绍04】圣保罗大教堂  (原创首发)     6park.com

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张思达(论坛ID:Jameskelly)       6park.com

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【英文】St. Paul’s Cathedral    6park.com

This is the great masterpiece of Christopher Wren, who rebuilt the City’s churches after the Great Fire of 1666. Completed in 1711, it was England’s first purpose-built Protestant cathedral, and has many similarities with St Peter’s in Rome, notably in its ornate dome. One of its bells, Great Paul, was the largest in Europe until the bell cast for the 2012 Olympics. The hour bell, Great Tom, strikes the hour and marks the death of royalty and senior church officials. The cathedral has a reputation for music, and draws its choristers from St Paul’s Cathedral School.    6park.com

【我的翻译】圣保罗大教堂    6park.com

这是克里斯托弗·雷恩(Christopher Wren)的伟大杰作.克里斯托弗·雷恩(Christopher Wren)在1666年伦敦大火后,重建了城市的教堂。该教堂于1711年完工,是英格兰第一座专门建造的新教大教堂,与罗马的圣彼得大教堂,有很多相似之处,尤其是那个华丽的圆顶。 直到2012年奥运会的钟声响起之前,圣保罗大教堂的钟声,就一直是欧洲最大的钟声。 大汤姆钟(Great Tom)计时声响,标志着皇室成员和高级教会官员的去世。 大教堂以音乐着称,并从圣保罗大教堂学校(St Paul’s Cathedral School)聘请唱诗班。     6park.com

.       6park.com

【英文】St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD,Tel: 020 7236 4128, Website: www.stpauls.co.uk  6park.com

Open cathedral (sightseeing): 8:30am–4pm Mon–Sat; galleries: 9:30am–4:15pm Mon–Sat  6park.com

Admission: adults 18 pounds; children 6–17 8 pounds(under 6s enter free); seniors and students 18 and over 16 pounds; family 44 pounds; for groups, check website. All services are free of charge.  6park.com

Guided tours usually take place at 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm and are included in the admission. 6park.com

Reserve a place at the guiding desk.    6park.com

You can hear the choir during the very popular choral evensong service 6park.com

(usually at 5pm daily). 6park.com

.       6park.com

【我的翻译】圣保罗大教堂的地址:St. Paul's Churchyard, London. 邮政编码:EC4M 8AD       6park.com

电话号码:020 7236 4128       6park.com

网址:www.stpauls.co.uk       6park.com

开放时间: 教堂,周一至周六, 每天,早晨8:30am,到下午4pm. 艺术馆,周一至周六, 每天,早晨9:30am,到下午4:15pm.       6park.com

门票: 成人,18英镑。6岁至17岁的青少年,8英镑。(6岁以下儿童,免费)。老年人,或18岁以上的学生,16英镑。家庭票,44英镑。团队票,请查看网址。其它所有服务,都是免费的。  6park.com

免费导游,每天上午10am,11am, 下午 1pm, 2pm, 都包含在门票中。      6park.com

请在导游台,预定一个你的位置。 6park.com

在非常流行的合唱连唱服务中,您可以听到合唱团的声音。 6park.com

(通常是每天下午5点)。 6park.com

.     .    6park.com

以下是圣保罗大教堂的主要景点: 6park.com

===========================         6park.com

【英文】1.Quire 6park.com

The beautiful stalls and organ case in the Quire are by Grinling Gibbons. Handel and Mendelssohn both played the organ, which dates from 1695.       6park.com

【我的翻译】1.唱诗班 6park.com

唱诗班所在的美丽正厅和风琴箱,是由格林林·吉本斯(Grinling Gibbons)设计的。 亨德尔(Handel)和门德尔松(Mendelssohn),都演奏过这种风琴,其历史可以追溯到1695年。  .       .       【英文】2.The Light of the World 6park.com

This painting by the Pre-Raphaelite artist William Holman Hunt shows Christ knocking on an overgrown door that opens from inside, meaning that God can enter our lives only if we invite Him in.     6park.com

【我的翻译】2.世界之光 6park.com

拉斐尔前派画家,威廉·霍尔曼·亨特(William Holman Hunt)的这幅画,展示了基督敲门,并从内部打开一个杂草丛生的门。这意味着,只有我们邀请上帝加入,上帝才能进入我们的生活。       .      6park.com

.     6park.com

【英文】3.Dome 6park.com

One of the largest domes in the world, it is 111 m (365 ft) high and weighs 65,000 tonnes. 6park.com

The Golden Gallery at the top, and the larger Stone Gallery, both have great views.     6park.com

【我的翻译】 3.圆顶 6park.com

它是世界上最大的圆顶之一,高111 m(365 ft),重65,000吨。顶部的金色艺术馆(Golden Gallery)和较大的石头艺术馆(Stone Gallery)均享有美景。 .
.       【英文】4.Whispering Gallery 6park.com

Inside the dome is the famous Whispering Gallery. Words whispered against the wall can be heard on the gallery’s opposite side.     6park.com

【我的翻译】 4.耳语画廊 6park.com

圆顶内,是著名的耳语画廊。 在画廊的对面,可以听到在墙上低语的声音。       .   
.       【英文】5.St Paul’s Watch Memorial 6park.com

Set in the nave, this honours those who saved St Paul’s from destruction during the Blitz by fighting fires started by bombs dropped on and near it.    6park.com

【我的翻译】 5.圣保罗手表纪念馆 6park.com

设置在教堂中殿,是为了纪念在闪电战期间,由于掉落在附近的炸弹,引发的大火,拯救了圣保罗大教堂的人们。    .    .     【英文】6.West Front and Towers 6park.com

The imposing West Front is dominated by two huge towers. The pineapples at their tops are symbols of peace and prosperity. The Great West Door is 9 m (29 ft) high and is used only for ceremonial occasions.       6park.com

【我的翻译】 6.西部和塔楼 6park.com

气势宏伟的西部,由两座巨大的塔楼主导。 菠萝顶端,是和平与繁荣的象征。 大西门(Great West Door)高9米(29英尺),仅用于礼仪场合。         .   
.         【英文】7.High Altar 6park.com

The magnificent High Altar is made from Italian marble, and the canopy, constructed in the 1950s after the cathedral was bombed during World War II, is based on one of Wren’s sketches.       6park.com

【我的翻译】 7,高坛 6park.com

宏伟的高祭坛,是由意大利大理石制成的。在二战期间,大教堂被炸毁后,于1950年代建造的檐篷,是基于雷恩(Wren)的素描之一。       .      
.       【英文】8.Tijou Gates 6park.com

The French master metal worker Jean Tijou designed these ornate wrought-iron gates in the South and North Quire, along with the Whispering Gallery balcony and other cathedral metalwork.      6park.com

【我的翻译】 8.提茹大门 6park.com

法国金属技工,让·蒂茹(Jean Tijou)在南和北唱诗班,设计了这些华丽的铁艺大门,并在低语画廊的阳台,和其他大教堂的金属制品上,进行了设计。       .    .       【英文】 9.Mosaics 6park.com

Colourful mosaic ceilings were installed in the Ambulatory and Quire in the 19th century. 6park.com

They are made with glass tesserae, angled so that they sparkle.       6park.com

【我的翻译】9.马赛克 6park.com

在19世纪,门厅和唱诗班,安装了彩色马赛克天花板。 6park.com

它们由镶嵌玻璃制成,并有一定角度,使其闪闪发光。     . .       【英文】10.Moore’s Mother and Child 6park.com

This piece is one of a growing number of works of art that have been introduced into St Paul’s since the 1960s. The sculptor, Henry Moore, is commemorated in the crypt.       6park.com

【我的翻译】10.摩尔的母亲和孩子 6park.com

自1960年代以来,越来越多的艺术品,被引入圣保罗大教堂。 这件作品,便是其中之一。雕刻家亨利·摩尔(Henry Moore),被纪念在地下室中。  .
. 【英文】ST PAUL’S HISTORY 6park.com

The first known church dedicated to St Paul was built on this site in AD 604. Made of wood, it burned down in 675 and a subsequent church was destroyed by Viking invaders in 962. The third church was built in stone. Following another fire in 1087, it was rebuilt under the Normans as a much larger cathedral, with stone walls and a wooden roof. This was completed in 1300. In 1666 Sir Christopher Wren’s plans to restore the building had just been accepted when the Great Fire of London burned the old cathedral beyond repair.  6park.com

【我的翻译】圣保罗大教堂的历史 6park.com

最早的圣保罗教堂,始建于公元604年。这座教堂,由木头制成,于675年被烧毁。随后的教堂,在962年,被维京入侵者摧毁。第三座教堂,是用石头建造的。 在1087年,发生另一场大火之后,诺曼人,重建为更大的教堂,有石墙和木屋顶。 这项工作于1300年完成。1666年,克里斯托弗·雷恩爵士(Christopher Wren)修复这座建筑的计划,刚刚被接受,当时伦敦大火烧毁了这座老教堂,无法修复,只能重建。         6park.com

.    6park.com


1. Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee (2012) 6park.com

2. Prince Charles’ and Lady Diana’s wedding (1981) 6park.com

3. Winston Churchill’s funeral (1965) 6park.com

4. Martin Luther King Jr preaches (1964) 6park.com

5. Cathedral bombed (1940) 6park.com

6. Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee (1897) 6park.com

7. Duke of Wellington’s funeral (1852) 6park.com

8. Nelson’s funeral (1806) 6park.com

9. First service (1697) 6park.com

10. Gunpowder Plotters executed in the churchyard (1606) 6park.com

【我的翻译】圣保罗大教堂历史中的重要时刻 6park.com

1.伊丽莎白二世的钻石禧年(2012) 6park.com

2.查尔斯王子和戴安娜夫人的婚礼(1981) 6park.com

3.温斯顿_丘吉尔(Winston Churchill)的葬礼(1965) 6park.com

4.小马丁_路德_金的葬礼(1964) 6park.com

5.大教堂遭到轰炸(1940) 6park.com

6.维多利亚女王的钻石周年纪念日(1897) 6park.com

7.惠灵顿公爵的葬礼(1852) 6park.com

8.尼尔森的葬礼(1806) 6park.com

9.首次服务(1697) 6park.com

10.在墓地里执行的火药阴谋计划(1606年) .
.    ======================== The end =============================== 
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